• Cleansing Mousse

    • A feminine wash with mousse bubble texture and gentle formula.
    • Maintain a good and healthy environment of skin and relieve skin discomfort.
    • Maintain delicate and elastic private skin, give skin elasticity and moisture, and light fragrance of white cherry blossom.
    • Package: 180 ml/bottle
    • Formulation: Mousse
  • Feminine Intimate Serum

    TS6 Feminine Intimate Serum

    • Make you feel TIGHTNESS and GO BACK TO YOUTH, like in your teen.
    • Daily feminine serum for intimate skin, having that natural softness, elasticity, and moisturizing.
    • Form: Serum with a light texture
    • Package: Tube, 30ml/pcs
  • Feminist Mist

    TS6 Feminine Mist

    • Portable, easy to take with you anytime.
    • Eliminates unpleasant odors, especially in hot summer and period time.
    • Added patented TS-2L essence, maintaining feminine hygiene.
    • Ingredients:
      Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®);
      Hyaluronic acid.
    • Direction For Use: Shake well. Spray external vaginal area, hold bottle at least 15~20 cm from body and press for 2~3 times. Pad with tissue paper.
    • Package: Bottle, 40 ml/bottl
  • Probiotic Feminine Wipes

    TS6 Probiotic Feminine Wipes

    • TS6 feminine wipes are gentle intimate skincare for both ladies and babies.
    • Added with patented TS-2L, help maintain feminine health.
    • Especially suitable for women on their period, pregnant time.
    • Package: Pack, 10 sheet/pack
    • Formulation: Tissue
  • Tightening and Moisture Gel

    Tightening and moisture gel

    • The Secret Weapon of Firmness.
    • Multi-Function for Intimate Rejuvenation, going back to youth feeling.
    • Daily vaginal moisturizer for intimate skin, having that natural softness, elasticity, and moisturizing.
    • Ingredients:
      Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L);
      Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract;
      Pueraria Mirifica Extract;
      Hyaluronic acid.
    • Direction: Apply adequate amount on intimate area, lightly massage until fully absorbed.
    • Package: 40ml/tube
    • Characteristics: No chemical preservatives